Monday, January 02, 2006

Sean Kennedy Chronicles: Tales From The Afternow

A friend of mine, Keith, linked me to an audio science fiction recorded by Sean Kennedy called 'The Afternow'.

Its an interesting broadcast from our future (time got copyrighted so the time is simpley some time after now) and it gives in depth accounts descriptions and stories/legends that have occured in this future.

A lot of bad things have come to happen as at least partial result of the restrictive way copyright patents and intelectual property in general are getting stupidly strict and commercial interrests have become worth more and more power.

I highly reccomend it to anyone even a bit geeky, but not the sort of person who has to pick holes in the logic wherever they can. There are plenty of things that are hard to believe (although its somewhat covered that a lot of the information the guy is giving is aquired through spread of legend and rumour).

but stop listening to me and check out the first episode (for free, as are all of them) at


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