Wednesday, February 22, 2006

VG Cats - Jorbs

Brilliant web comic here, and for once somebody isn't praising or making anal sex with the Apple Ipod (W00T!)

If you havn't seen this web comic before then I highly reccomend going through their archives, as they have some of the best video game related hilarity the web has to offer.



Blogger nihongocomics said...

Hey, you have a cool blog. ^_^
Maybe I will check out the Afternow when I have a bit more time...
I'm Aikeru, from Nihongocomics. >_< I'm sorry for the latest comic and how that turned out, there were so many errors.
I wanted to thank you for posting and making your suggestion - unfortunately once the images were drawn in pencil (w/o text) I didn't have the ability to really edit them at the time (Willu did this).

Well I don't know how greedy I should be with your time or comment space here ^^; but if you'd like to pay me a visit or talk or something, my blog is (obviously, lol)
Anyways, best regards and all that,
- Aikeru

4:19 PM  

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